Rise Up and Sing

Hope + change through song

Rise & Connect!

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Rise Up Singing Song List

Title Chapter Page
Factory Girl Work
p. 254
Fairest Lord Jesus Faith
p. 42
The Faith of Man Hope
p. 115
Family Home & Family
p. 108
Farewell to Tarwathie Sea
p. 201
Farmer Farm & Prairie
p. 51
Farmer Is the Man Farm & Prairie
p. 51
Farther Along Gospel
p. 93
Fashioned in the Clay Creativity
p. 23
Father's Whiskers Funny Songs
p. 71
The Faucets Are Dripping City
p. 18
Fiddler's Green Sea
p. 201
Field Behind the Plow Farm & Prairie
p. 51
Fifty Nine Cents Work
p. 254
Fight Back Women
p. 245
Finjan Outdoors
p. 152
Finnegan's Wake Good Times
p. 85
Fire and Rain Friendship
p. 65
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Love
p. 123
Five Hundred Miles Travelin'
p. 232
Five Little Ducks Play
p. 168
Flower Carol Outdoors
p. 152
Fly Me to the Moon Golden Oldies
p. 78
The Foggy, Foggy Dew (lovesong) Time & Changes
p. 223
Follow the Drinkin' Gourd Freedom
p. 59
Follow the Gleam Dreams & Fantasies
p. 29
Food Glorious Food Home & Family
p. 108
The Foolish Frog Play
p. 168
For a Change Men
p. 137
For Baby / For Bobby Home & Family
p. 108
For Me and My Gal Golden Oldies
p. 78
For the Beauty of the Earth Outdoors
p. 153
Forty Hour Week Work
p. 255
Forty-Five Years Love
p. 123
Four Strong Winds Travelin'
p. 232
The Fox Play
p. 168
Frankie and Johnny Hard Times & Blues
p. 100
Free At Last Spirituals
p. 209
Free to Be You and Me Home & Family
p. 109
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle Freedom
p. 59
Freight Train Travelin'
p. 233
Freiheit Struggle
p. 214
French Cathedral Round Rounds
p. 189
Friendly Beasts Faith
p. 42
Friends Forever Unity
p. 239
Froggie Went a Courtin' Play
p. 168
The Frozen Logger Men
p. 137
Funiculi, Funicula Good Times
p. 85
Best Concrete