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Quaker Music Groups and Ensembles

Derek & Friends is a group of roots & blues musicians that are members of West Hills Friends Church in Portland OR. They often do benefits for the Peace Board of Northwest Yearly Meeting and for Christian Peacemaker Teams. They have 3 CDs out including a new one called "See My Freedom Come". Their slogan is "Jesus Music for People who Hate Jesus Music."  Youtube CD Baby

EarthQuakers consists of 6-12 musicians/singers from the 3 Twin Cities Friends meetings.  They sing & play a variety of instruments at Quaker gatherings, nursing homes, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. "Most of us are rather inexperienced but enjoy ourselves tremendously! We do have a few very experienced musicians & occasionally are joined by Paul Landskroener."  Contact Annette Smith or Chester McCoy.

Faith & Practice was a wonderful Quaker band based in Bucks County PA. Band members include Jacob & Gretta Stone (formerly members of Doylestown PA Mtg now living in Vermont and part of NEYM), Gretchen Castle (former clerk of Philadelphia YM), Gene Taylor, Rich Laughlin, Dave Crosman & Zach Taylor. Their repertoired included bluegrass, gospel, pop, a wide range of folk songs, and originals. The group released a CD "Not Too Serious".

Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts has as its purpose “to nurture and showcase the literary, visual, musical, and performing arts within the Religious Society of Friends, for purposes of Quaker expression, ministry, witness, and outreach. To these ends, we will offer spiritual, practical, and financial support as way opens.”  fqaquaker.org/

The Homegrown String Band is made up of a Quaker family that plays blues, bluegrass, country & folk together.  The band includes Georgianne, Rick, Erica & Annalee Jackofsky. They are members of Conscience Bay Mtg in New York Yearly Mtg. Check out their "website":http://www.homegrownstringband.com/index.html for touring schedule, CD's, an online promo video & lots more!

The Leaveners is the Quaker Performing Arts Organisation for the Religious Society of Friends in Britain. It was formed by a group of enthusiastic Friends, involved in the arts, who wanted to use their experience of the creative arts as a way of expressing their Quaker faith and values - and has been doing so wonderfully since 1978.  Their projects include Quaker youth theater, writing and performing Quaker cantatas, publishing songbooks and a drama project designed to integrate deaf and hearing young people.

Pendle Hill Chorus rehearsed and gave performances at this Quaker study center in Wallingford PA for many years while they still had a resident community. The choral director was Jackie Coren, who also directed the Anna Crusis Women's Choir in Philadelphia & is teacher of musical theater at George School. Email Jackie

Tribe One is an a cappella group which promotes social justice through rhythmic music and dance.  Several members of this group are Friends including Niyonu Spann and Joanthan Snipes. Jonathan is a member of Falls Meeting in Philadelphia YM.

John Scardina & Friends is based in New York City. They use guitars, mandolin, flute, percussion & bass to accompany lively original songs & singer-songwriter covers. They enjoy playing private parties as well as coffeeshops & clubs. Rich Aldred is a member of Concord PA Mtg and John Scardina is a member of Westtown Mtg. For bookings, contact them via their website palbuddymusic.com.

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