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Annie Patterson Concerts

Annie performs with Peter, on her own as well as with other musicians. Particularly during this time of enormous challenge to our country and world, live music & singalong concerts create hope and resillience and bring communities together. 

Rise Again "The Tour": Annie & Peter have led hundreds of singalong concerts around North America and abroad using their songbook Rise Up Singing or Rise Again.

Folk performing Singer songwriter material, traditional British Isles ballads, traditional Appalachian "old-timey" songs, jazz, Motown, country...Annie performs it all. She plays guitar, "claw-hammer" style banjo, cajon, penny whistle and is an accomplished vocalist.

Swing / Jazz: A member of the swing band  Girls from Mars for over 30 years, Annie sings with Wendi Bourne and Lauren Jansen. (Check out their new CD!)

Other settings: Sing alongs, schools, weddings, house concerts, benefit performances workshops, conferences, and private parties...we'd love to come to your community! 

To view upcoming gigs go to the events tab at the top of each page on this website.

Watch a live 2016 concert video of Annie performing accompanied by Jim Henry and Peter Blood.

FOR BOOKING any of the above type of event: contact us at events@riseupandsing.org or call 413-256-8596 (if you do not get a response to a call, please email us as we may be on the road).



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