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Rise Again Tour

Since Rise Again was released in September 2015 we have held over 50 singalong concerts celebrating the release of Rise Again (see Locations) usually with other artists who have songs in the new book.

Sometimes we do a series of concert with a special theme such as the Justice for All Tour we did with blues-gospel-activist Lea Gilmore in April 2017 or the Hope & Strength Tour we are doing in Ohio and Indiana in August 2017.

In response to the important changes going on in our country and world we are now holding "Hope and Courage" concerts as a way to help communities around the country stand together for dignity, solidarity and resistance. 

Other performers joining us.  A wonderful array of performers who have songs in the new book have joined us for one or more of these concerts including: Lou & Peter Berryman, Tom Chapin, emma's revolution, Bev Grant, Bill Harley, Kim & Reggie Harris, Joe Jencks, Charlie King, Magpie, John McCutcheon and many more!  Full performers list   (Annie performs & leads singing at all shows and is often joined by her husband and the songbook's co-creator, Peter Blood.) 

Many of these concerts were benefits for The Carry It On Fund, a fund that is helping support the archiving of Pete & Toshi Seeger's papers and other projects that carry on projects they believed in and worked for. For more information go to https://carryiton.org