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Quaker Center set list - Dec. 2020

(links below are to our online database "The Music Box") and give access to information  & melodies on each song.)

songsheet for this concert (pdf file)

The songs:

I’m Gonna Do What the Spirit Says - RUS Spirituals p.210
(trad. African American Spiritual)

Walk in Jerusalem - RUS Spirituals p.212
(trad. African American Spiritual)

Turn Turn Turn - RUS Time p.228 (Pete Seeger)

Precious Friend - RUS Friendship p.67 (Pete Seeger)

Four Hands - RA Family p.64 (Ruth Pelham)

Two Hands Hold the Earth - RA Earth p.51 (Sarah Pirtle)

Union Maid - RUS Work  (Woody Guthrie)

Lonesome Valley - RUS Faith p.44  (Woody Guthrie)

Turning of the World - RUS Unity p.242 (Ruth Pelham)

(skipping) The Lighthouse - RUS Gospel p.95 (trad. Black gospel)


I’ll Fly Away - RUS Gospel p.93  (trad. gospel)

Down by the Bay - RUS Play p.168 (trad. children’s song)

To Stop the Train (trad. round)

Wagon Wheel - RA Travelin’ p.281 (Bob Dylan / Ketch Secor)

Still on the Bridge (Claudia Schmidt)

Our People Gonna Rise (Emma’s Revolution)

Light One Candle - RUS Faith p.43 (Peter Yarrow)

I Won’t Stop til I See Justice (Peter Blood)

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning - RA Gospel p.115
(trad. African American Spiritual)

Give Light - RA Hope p.135 (Magpie)

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