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Songs of Resilence - California 2020

These are many of the songs used on a tour by Emma's Revolution in California in February/March 2020. If you click on the links you can learn more about and listen to recordings of the song.

Emma's Revolution website is: https://emmasrevolution.com
Annie's recordings can be found at: www.riseupandsing.org/annie/recordings
Here is the artist page on our website for Pete Seeger (which lists the many songs in our songbooks that he has composed and recorded):

Living Planet (Jay Mankita)

Lonesome Valley (Woody Guthrie)


Precious Friend (Pete Seeger)

Refugee (Emma's Revolution)

Bountiful River (Pete Seeger)

Trumpty Dumpty ("That's an Emergency")

Those Three Are On My Mind (Pete Seeger)

Sing People Sing (Emma's Revolution)

Turn! Turn! Turn! (Pete Seeger)

Well May the World Go (Pete Seeger)

Arise! Arise! (National Anthem)

My Feet Are Tired (Jon Fromer)

Lady of the Harbor (Joe Jencks)

Which Side Are You On? (Florence Reece)

Swimming to the Other Side (Pat Humphries)

Don’t You Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down (Eric Bibb)

If I Had a Hammer

The Water is Wide