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Seeger Sing Ashfield MA - March 2019

This Seeger singalong concert is an annual event since 2014. It took place at the Ashfield Congregational Church.

Page numbers are from If I Had a Hammer: A Pete Seeger Singalong Songbook unless otherwise noted.

- Set One -

Turn, Turn, Turn p.38 -- Michael Nix plays banjar, and everyone in the company is on a verse.

Bountiful River p.6 -- Lorre & Michael (also in Rise Again p. 119)

Odds On Favorite -- Charlie (on Annie Patterson & Charlie King "Step by Step" CD, in Where Have All the Flowers Gone)

How Can I Keep from Singing p.16 -- Ben Tousley with others joining (Peter fiddle)

Rise Up - Annie original song

Bells of Rhymney p.5 -- Peter Blood, Michael, Charlie, Ben, Sue (flute)

Garbage – Ben Grosscup with adapted / updated lyrics (RUS p. 36)

Gentle Arms of Eden -- Elias and Rosa Stegeman.  (by Dave Carter - in Rise Again p. 43)                                                                                                

Oh Had I a Golden Thread p.25 – Ben Tousley (and RUS p. 31)

Old Apples, Lorre - and start to pass along applesauce (video from 2014 concert)

God’s Counting on Me p.11 Sarah & Peter (and RA p. 254)

Love Call Me Home -- Sue Kranz  (in RA p. 86)  

- Set Two -                     

CALL BACK SONG BEGUN:   Down by the Riverside

Old Devil Time p.26 -- Sue and Charlie (also in RUS and on Annie Patterson & Charlie King "Step by Step" CD)

Those Three are on my mind p.35 -- Peter, Charlie, Ben Grosscup do it together.

Strangest Dream/Beloved Community -- Sarah.  (modern song on racial justice -- first time doing an original in these six years).  Talks about the Bridge4Unity race dialogue group. Looking for others to sing on it.

Immigration original song - Yosl.    Maybe he’ll also show slides.

Step by Step p.33 - Sarah, Charlie, Peter (fiddle) (RUS p. 242)

Fields of Harmony -- Michael Nix (Peter fiddle)

We Shall Be Known by Ma Muse. performed by Elias and Rosa

Quite Early Morning p.28  Annie & Charlie (harmonica) (also in RA p. 207 and on Annie Patterson & Charlie King "Step by Step" CD))

Where Have All the Flowers Gone p. 47 (Michael leads out on banjar - all)

Encore: If I had a hammer p.17 -- everyone

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