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Washington DC set list

Friends Meeting of Washington - Nov 5, 2016


Woke Up this Morning in RUS - FREEDOM p 64

Best Day Ever FUNNY p.89

Swimming to the Other Side  FAITH 60

For the Mothers DIGNITY p.28

Ella’s Song FREEDOM 76

Farthest Field TIME 269 in D

Side by Side FRIEND p.87

You’re No Good MOTOWN p.177

Bye Bye Love ROCK p.231

Proud Mary SURFING USA p.264


Hey Good Lookin’ COUNTRY p.22

59th Street Bridge Song GOOD p.103

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burnin’ GOSPEL p.115

Let Justice Roll Down STRUGGLE  p.256

Arise Arise (National Anthem) HOPE p.133

We belong to the earth EARTH 51

You Belong to Me GOLDEN p.102

Walls HEALING p.125

Roll on, Woody SING  p. 249

My Dirty Stream EARTH p.48 in C

Sing people sing SING p. 249

Well may the world go TRAVELIN' 282

ENCORE: Indanee FREEDOM p.78